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Add a whole new dimension to your creativity
3D scan. 3D design. 3D print.

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sprout is a revolutionary all-in-one computer and 3D scanner that makes it easy to go from thought to expression in an instant

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Add a whole new dimension to your creativity
3D scan. 3D design. 3D print.

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  • a more intuitive, natural way to work

    intuitive design

    control and create with the power of touch

    Sprout gives you a unique, hands-on way to interact with your content—two touch surfaces work together to transform your desk’s surface into a digital-physical workspace.

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  • change the way you create forever

    breakthrough technology

    from thought to physical creation

    Sprout’s breakthrough technology combines the digital and physical worlds, allowing you to capture any object, reimagine it digitally, and then bring your creation to life in the real world. Grab, mash, and make whatever you can imagine—it’s really that easy.

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  • powered to perform—at home, the office, or your studio

    ultimate performance

    so much more than a creative tool

    At its core, Sprout is a high-performance all-in-one PC with an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, 1 TB of storage, and a Windows operating system. So it has plenty of power to help you get creative and achieve more—from the home to the studio to the office.

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seeing is believing.

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imagination unleashed

see how people are using sprout to reimagine the way they create

  • creator gallery see all

    • Go check out the paper flower project by Winston & Main

    • See how Sprout helped Jessie from Style & Pepper make her labels for her homemade spicy sauce

      Explore DIY minimalist art by Anne Sage from City Sage

      Discover printable wrapping paper by Sara from Tell Love & Chocolate

  • sprout stories see all

    • Richard Upchurch shows how he creates one-of-a-kind voice recorders using Sprout to experiment and preview new designs before fabrication.

      Photographer, illustrator and newfound cat-lover Todd Selby is using Sprout to reimagine what’s possible in his studio.

      The magazine industry is changing and BlackBook is using Sprout to not just keep up with conversations online, but to lead them.

    • Artist and digital wizard Joshua Davis is pretty pumped about what Sprout can mean for the world of digital art.

  • sprout videos see all

apps designed for sprout’s unique technology

create, collaborate and play like never before with apps developed specifically for sprout’s unique technology

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featured app


Collaborate like never before – work together on projects in real-time, share your screen, mat and application while talking to your counterpart in a full screen view instead of a thumbnail.

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